How to install Pre-Design Studio IV


A:: Before installing Pre-Design Studio IV, uninstall any previous versions, including trial versions, via Control Panel > Software > Add/remove programs.


B:: Install the new Pre-Design Studio. Installing is easy. Just click on the line "Install Pre-Design Studio" in the start-up screen of the CD-rom and following the on screen instructions.


Note:: If you have an older computer and did not have a previous version of Pre-Design Studio on it, you may also need to install the two Microsoft components (needed for the functions AutoTrace and Redwork/Autobranching). These components can be found on the Pre-Design Studio IV CD-rom, page 2 of the interface "Just in case".

Three important things to know:

How to Register Pre-Design Studio to receive your Key


C:: Start your email program and compose a new email.

Note: in some browsers you can click on the email link under the image on the right to start your email program. Keep it open:


D:: Start the new Pre-Design Studio and click on the button "Enter Activation Key".

A new window opens (see example image on the right).


Highlight, right-click and Copy the line "your Unique User Code is: ..." from the "Enter Key" window and paste this Unique Code in the email you started in the previous step C.


E:: Complete the email: add your FULL NAME, plus the SERIAL NUMBER (printed on the Pre-Design Studio CD-rom).


F:: Send the email to the address shown under the image on the right.

How to activate Pre-Design Studio


G:: Within 2 business days after sending us your Registration email you will receive an email with your Activation Code for the computer of which you sent the Unique User Code*). Check your spam-box. If you haven’t received our reply within 2 business days, then I did not receive your email! Please resend it - be sure you don't make any typos in the email address.


While waiting for your Key you can use the program in evaluation mode by clicking on "OK" in the startup window.


H:: As soon as you receive our reply email with your Activation Code, copy and paste the code in the Name and Key fields of the Enter Activation Key window.


*) If you want to install on a second computer/laptop (see Single User License below!), repeat the steps above: every computer/laptop has a different Unique User Code, resulting in a different Activation Key.


If you encounter any problems, please include your telephone number in your email, so I can call you.

1. About the single user license

Important: with the purchase of Pre-Design Studio you obtain a single user license. When upgrading from previous versions, all versions are part of this agreement.

You are allowed to install the program on two different computers *), provided both computers are yours! You are not allowed to copy, share, forward, or lend the program to anyone else. You are not allowed to re-sell Pre-Design (Studio) once it is registered. So, don't sell (or buy for that matter!!) a "used" registered Pre-Design (Studio) program on an auction page or anywhere else. The new "owner" will not be able to register it, will not receive an unlock code, will not receive support, or benefit from any upgrade offers!


*) Repeat activation steps, as each computer has a different Unique User Code, resulting in a different Key)

2. Where to find help

The helpfile can be opened in Pre-Design Studio, via menu Help (Help PDF).


Tutorial videos can be found on this website:


Join the Pre-Design Yahoogroup - see link below.


3. To be kept informed about updates: Join the Pre-Design Studio User Group

We don't send newsletters, so the only way to be kept informed about updates, new video tutorials etc. is to join the Pre-Design Yahoogroup. You can ask any questions, post your own ideas etc. about Pre-Design (Studio) and you will receive important announcements.


Registrer (FRA)

Registrieren (DEU)

Registreren (NLD)

Register Pre-Design Studio IV


Support of all old versions of Pre-Design (Studio) has ended.

We cannot create keys for the old versions anymore, but you can still upgrade! 

Click here for a special upgrade offer to get the full Pre-Design Studio IV at a special upgrade price.