01 Introduction to

Pre-Design Studio III

(Draw, edit, Magic Square, Magic Circle, Save, Export)

02 Save quilt pattern

(Export for computerized quilting, Copy Vectors, Paste vectors in Art and Stitch, paste in Adobe Illustrator, convert to stitches for embroidery machines)

03 Trace a background

(Open and trace an image, fill with color, export for AutoPunch, open in embroidery software PE-Design Next)

Tutorial Videos Pre-Design Studio

Videos Studio IV


Videos older version

04 Convert to stitches

(Create redwork and applique and send directly to your embroidery machine)

05 Zigzag Line designs

(draw with sketch tool, edit, convert to stitches, color stops, zigzag)

06 Play with text

(insert text, type text, move letters, convert to stitches)

nederlands filmpje
nederlands filmpje

These movies (most of them silent, with written notes) have been made with previous versions of Pre-Design Studio.

The toolbars look different now, but watching the techniques is still very useful !